Freeway Driving Instructor

The Importance of Proper Freeway Driving

A new driver will encounter a wide range of experience on the roadways every time they head out. They may be driving with good skill and ample attention, but until they learn how to drive with other drivers in various conditions, they may not be ready to take to the road on their own. That is why it is so important to hire a professional driver that can teach them everything they need to know. A freeway driving course, like the one we offer at Pathways Driving School, is one component of that process.


Why Freeway Driving Is Different


Driving on side streets and through residential areas is a good starting point for most drivers. Learning in these more controlled environments is a good start to building skill and confidence on the road. Yet, most of the time, freeway driving practice is critical. It should provide the student with the ability to improve his or her skill in various conditions. Drivers are driving at a much faster rate. That means passing other drivers, merging, and changing lanes becomes much more difficult. Student drivers need freeway driving practice in a 5 star ANCAP safety rating vehicle because it teaches them how to manage higher speeds in wet or otherwise dangerous conditions, too.


If your student driver is heading out onto the road for their next set of instructions, it may be time to head towards the freeway. With the help of their freeway driving course at Pathways Driving School, they are able to get the type of experience they need to drive confidently on even these busy streets at high rates of speed. This should be a component of the education they get behind the wheel, so there is no risk and worry. Work with us at Pathways Driving School to ensure your driver is ready for this type of experience.