1.5 Hour Driving Lesson

Finding the 1.5 Hour Driving Lesson You Need

When it comes to securing the education and training a student driver needs, there is much to think about. Many times, it is easy for a driver to learn the facts and details about operating a vehicle rather quickly. Yet, it takes a lot of practice to ensure that their skills are developed enough to be trusted on the open road. That is why it is so important to have an instructor capable of providing everything you need from that 1.5 hour driving lesson to the 100 hour driving instructor support you need.


How Long Does It Take to Learn to Drive?


It does not matter what you think your teen driver knows. Rather, it is about gaining the experiences and skills required to be a safe driver into the future and not just being able to pass the driving test. It is about giving the Learner driver gets the skills they need to perform in any condition. The driving education that a student needs had to be completed over a series of driving instructor sessions. These are often a 1.5 hour driving lesson at a time.


One session is never enough. Therefore, learner drivers are required complete 100 hours and 1 year of supervised driving instructor before they can do their driving test. A professional can work with your teen to provide instruction and guidance during this Learning period. It is not necessary for these professionals to work with student drivers for all these hours – some of those hours can be filled by with family members as well.


To assist the main driving supervisor for the Learner Driver, to give quality instruction designed to help your teen beyond passing the driving test. Pathways Driving School can conduct the Keys 2 Drive free driving lesson provided by the Federal Government (for eligible Learner drivers only) please registar at www.keys2drive.com.au


At Pathways Driving School, we can provide the support you need. Our 1.5 hour driving lesson – and 100 hour driving instructor services – are just a call away. Connect with us to learn more about driving with skill.